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All About Jay's Illustrations 

I’ve worn many hats over the years as an artist. Fine Artist, Illustrator, Window Painter, Tattoo artist and more. All have filled my life with joy, and I use those experiences to guide my creations. 

Today, I create the art I enjoy. Be it humorous or serious, dim or vibrant, simple or grand, it is to be enjoyed instantly.  



January 2012 - Currently

I work on an independent path, in which I do commissioned illustrations or fine art. Everything from cartooning to still life falls into this category.

Family Portrait painting

Pet Portrait painting

Urbanscape painting


January 2014- July 2016

I took an opportunity to expand my artistic abilities within the tattoo trade. I created custom tattoos for individuals per their request, bringing their images to light and onto their skin. Most tattoo designs are on the day of tattoo or, otherwise known as, quick turnaround time.  Also designing shop advertisements and custom banners. These were used in trade shows and local advertisements. 


826CHI Volunteer Illustration work

Twisted Tattoo's Artist Line up, 2015

Raw Artists: Reveal, 2016

Voodoo Show February 2017 

Prohibition at Old Irving Brew June 2017

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